comfort, support & healthy hips for independence, exploration & play. 

give your bub the best chance of building healthy hips

with a baby seat that is safe, comfortable & stylish.

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june is hip dyplasia awareness month

we want to hear from you

our mission is to share awareness about this very common condition with the hope of reducing late diagnoses.

I can bang on about my experience on my lil platform but in order to make meaningful change, we need you!

to start, we need to collect info about the prevalence of hip dysplasia & diagnosis (anonymous of course). data is important in making people in power listen and recognise that there's a problem that needs addressing.

thank you to all who participated in the survey. It is now closed and we are analysing the data.

hip health survey
hip and co mission is to raise awareness for healthy hips

why healthy hips?

after being thrown into the world of hip dysplasia with my first-born, I realised that it's just so common but not commonly known of.

1 in 10 are born with some sort of hip instability and 1 in 100 are treated for hip dysplasia! ridiculous stats right?

it doesn't end there either...the cause is currently unknown and there are so many diagnoses' being delayed until early adulthood.

so we are here to provide hip healthy seating to all children, provide resources to those whose children are being treated for hip dysplasia & raise awareness of hip dysplasia to all of Australia!

hip & co spica table Sunday Denyer hip dysplasia

hip & co's spica table

Australia's first & only flat packed spica table

it's been designed by a spica bub's mum and can make its way to you wherever you are in Australia.

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'hip' t-shirt

a black t-shirt is a staple in everyone's wardrobe. Pair that with helping raise hip dysplasia awareness & research - this shirt is a winner

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