about us

hip & co owner bree and ddh daughter Elle

I’m Bree, the founder of hip & co. My inspiration for hip & co is Elle, my first-born baby girl, who was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia not long after this picture was taken of us.

Elle required surgery (a closed reduction), three months in a hip spica cast and then nine months of bracing (Dennis Browne Brace - DBB).

During her hippy journey, we were lucky to be gifted a secondhand table. A table that was bulky and bright, extremely used but a table that nevertheless did the job. It kept Elle seated upright and happily playing with her toys. And gosh did it help me! Those spica casts are heavy!!

I was confused and upset at the time that hip spica tables and other furniture, for babies and children with hip dysplasia, we’re not readily anywhere for sale. We were left to fend for ourselves with make-shift furniture that sat as eyesores in our homes.

Throughout our journey, I came up with the idea of an affordable, accessible, flat packed, easy to assemble and modern-looking hip spica table. And hip & co was born.

At her last check Elle’s hips were good. She’s keeping up with kids her age…running, jumping and dancing. She’s due for her last check within the next year. Oh and we’re monitoring her baby sister’s hips too!!