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1 in 10 infants are born with some sort of hip instability and 1 in 100 children are treated for hip dysplasia (sourced from International Hip Dysplasia Institute). So, what causes hip dysplasia? Well, the answer really is unknown. We know some of the risk factors - family member with hip dysplasia, being first born, female, and positioning in the womb. 

It's so common and yet so hard to find information about. Below is a helpful guide if you find yourself in the world of hip dysplasia: 

if you're looking for general hip healthy info:

if you're looking for hip healthy clothing:

if you're looking for hip healthy sleepwear:

if you're looking for hip healthy carriers:

if you're looking for soft furniture options:

  • Hipsleepers bean bag (for young, braced babies)
  • Bubnest nests (for very young, braced babies)

if you're looking for information on what to expect for hospital:

  • hip & co's blog on what to expect when going in for a spica cast
  • Nicole Physio has a helpful hospital toolkit that you can download for free

if you're looking for hip dysplasia friendly furniture:

if you'd like to know more about hip & co: