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hip & co spica table

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Practical, stylish, yet playful, the hip & co spica table is a one-of-a-kind quality product.

Designed to keep your child safe and happy during their spica cast journey and to give you (the parents) a break from the heaviness of the hip spica cast.

Being flat packed it can make its way to your home, wherever you are in Australia (with free Australian wide shipping).

The spica table comes together with three easy steps that will not cause arguments or late nights, like some other flat packs.

Once bub is in the spica table, let them play, wheel them around the house to different rooms or even use the table for their mealtimes. It really is versatile!

Add this spica table to your home and enjoy your little one without the inconvenience and the stress that hip dysplasia treatment brings.

    shipping info

    FREE Australia wide shipping.

    Please allow 1-2 days to process your order and then 2-8 business days for shipping. 


    spica table FAQs

    How does a spica table work?

    You lift the top panel, place bub on the seat and close the top panel.

    Will my child fit?

    Designed to fit babies approx 6 months to children around the age of 3 to 4.

    Every spica cast is different so we’ve added three height ranges to choose from.

    Where can I use the table?

    The table is wide enough to fit most casts yet skinny enough to move through universal door frames.

    What kind of spica cast?

    The table is designed for children in mainstream hip spica casts. We have had clients whose child was fitted with a bar onto the spica cast and the table still accommodated them (with a few extra tweaks).

    Will I require anything else?

    Extra padding (such as a pillow or pool noodle) is up to the individual's preference and child’s comfort.

    There are two places for a belt/harness of some kind should you feel inclined.


    Don't forget to add toys once bub is in. There are two spots on either side to secure toys to the table.

    How does it become a kids table after my journey is over?

    Included is a top panel without the spica cast cut out area. This makes a flat top that can be used as a table.

    FAQs page


    Spica tables are made from recycled woods and coated in melamine.

    Floor seats are made from rhino board.

    Our hip t-shirts are made from 100% cotton

    size chart

    T-shirt's size chart

    Length: high point on shoulder hem to bottom hem on the back.

    Width: side to side just below the sleeves (when placed flat).

    Womens (L x W)

    Size M - 66cm x 48cm

    Size L - 69cm x 53 cm

    Size XL - 71cm x 58 cm


    Size XS (2-4 yrs) - 52cm x 41cm

    Size S (4-6 yrs) - 56 cm x 43cm


    For hip & co spica table:

    80 x 80 x 10 cm when flat packed

    For hip & co floor seat:

    30cm x 28 cm x 30cm


    For all hip & co products

    Warnings - Fall hazard, please supervise bub when in table.

    For hip & co spica table:

    Please put breaks on when stationary.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Game changer

    The spica table was a game changer for our bub in the spica cast (and rhino brace), we originally decided not to purchase (medical bills to pay etc) and thought we would just get through with the modified kmart camping chair, by 2 weeks post surgery it was clear that wasn't going to work. Pre spica table life all she could really do is lay in the bean bag watching tv, life after spica table she is playing with toys, building towers, playing with kinetic sand, the spica table also meant she could go to daycare!

    The spica table was life changing for our bub and for us too! It was soooo simple to put together, wheel around the house and take apart. So glad we decided to get one!


    Once our bub went into her spica we knew that it would be a challenge for her and us to keep her engaged and active, so we purchased one of these tables. We are so glad that we did! It has allowed our little one to sit in an upright position and play with her toys and it makes a perfect place for her to eat.
    We can wheel her around the house from one room to another and she loves the ride, as well as being with us with whatever we are doing.
    The set up is so easy, and we will be able to take it apart and bring it with us to the holiday house without any problems- amazing!
    It has been an absolute life changer for us and our bub and we are so glad that we invested in this table.
    We love that we are supporting an Australian business and communication throughout the whole purchase process has been top notch. Thank you!

    Monique W.
    Best Spica Table!

    This is hands down the best spica table available! We are so happy to support a small Australian business and fellow hip dysphasia family. The table is easy to assemble and able to be compactor down to a flatpack for easy storage/travel. We have found that the table has given our son the independence that he previously didn’t have being in his spica cast. His smiles while sitting in the table is worth every cent. The table design is stylish and doesn’t look out of place in our home. The addition of wheels means that our boy can join us anywhere in the house without straining our back to move it. Highly recommend this product and the beautiful owner, Bree, has always gone above and beyond to help our family through this crazy hip journey.

    Spica Table

    I first contacted Bree when I was a worried and anxious mother who had just been told that their 10 month old would be put in a spica cast. Bree was helpful, caring and understanding in giving me information about the spica table and many other tips as a mother of a child who had been on the hip dysplasia journey herself. My daughter had the spica cast with the broomstick and although I was worried at the beginning about whether she would be able to sit in it with this, she was able to with a pillow support behind her back. The table allowed moments for my daughter to sit up and play with others, eat at and to give me 5 minutes where I wasn’t holding her heavy body with the cast. Now that my daughter is out of the cast and brace, the table is used in our playroom by both our kids. It was an investment that we couldn’t have gone without! We're so thankful that Bree has created a product to help out parents and children with hip dysplasia!