What I added to my hospital bag when taking Elle in for hip surgery

Not sure what to bring with you to the hospital? I wasn't either. So, I thought I'd share with you what I brought and thought necessary. 

Food for bub

If you're breastfeeding, being there will do the trick. Although you may need to pump. If you do, bring along your pump or haakaa

If you're formula feeding, bring along some formula and a few bottles.

Depending on age, bub might need their water bottle or a pouch of food too. 


Clothes for bub

A flowy fitting dress or t-shirt should do the trick. If it's cold bring along some socks. The spica cast is pretty thick and keeps some heat so you won't need much. 

Another option is a footless onesie in two sizes up from normal. 



The hospital will most likely put bub in a very small nappy inside the cast and a large nappy on the outside. That was fine while we were there. When we got home, we used the largest nappy we could fit inside and then either a size 5 on the outside or a nappy cover from Hipsleepers


Things for you

We parents tend to think of our bubs and forget about ourselves!

Bub needs a hydrated and fed parent. I would suggest a drink, a snack, a charger for your phone and a pack of tissues should you get teary. 

I truly hope this helps when packing your bag. 

You've got this! 

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