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spica table FAQs

How does a spica table work?

Help relieve the pain from carrying your hip spica cast bub. Simply lift the top panel, place bub on the seat and close the top panel.

Will my child fit?

Designed to fit babies approx 6 months to children around the age of 3 to 4.

Every spica cast is different so we’ve added three height ranges to choose from.

The table is wide enough to fit most casts yet skinny enough to move through universal door frames.

The table is designed for children in mainstream hip spica casts. We have had clients whose child was fitted with a bar onto the spica cast and the table still accommodated them (with a few extra tweaks).

Will I require anything else?

Extra padding (such as a pillow or pool noodle) is up to the individual's preference and child’s comfort.

There are two places for a belt/harness of some kind should you feel inclined.

Toys! don't forget to add toys once bub is in. There are two spots on either side to secure toys to the table.

How does it become a kids table after my journey is over?

Included is a top panel without the spica cast cut out area.