Raising Awareness for Hip Dysplasia

As we mark Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month in 2024, I wanted to delve deeper into several key aspects of this condition:

  • When is hip dysplasia typically first detected?
  • How does this diagnosis occur?
  • What is generally known about hip dysplasia?
  • How can our community, health sector, and government better support families undergoing treatment?

To gain insights, I conducted a survey among Australian parents whose children have undergone or are currently undergoing treatment for hip dysplasia.

The findings revealed that while early detection is relatively common, there is still a significant lack of awareness about hip dysplasia within the community. Additionally, there is a notable shortage of support and resources for affected families.

Dive into the full report and results.

This journey has highlighted the urgent need for increased awareness and better support systems for families dealing with hip dysplasia. Together, we can advocate for more comprehensive education, improved medical protocols, and stronger community support to ensure no family has to navigate this challenging path alone.


Thank you for joining me in raising awareness and supporting those affected by hip dysplasia.
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